Voldric's Scroll of Names


Kendra: The professor’s daughter
Tarbathon: Mightiest of the Whispering Way
Hawkrand: Warden of Harrowstone
Pevrin Alchrid: Paperboy, son of Zokar
Zokar Alchrid: Owner of the Laughing Demon
Benjan Caelaer: The sherriff. Has four deputies
Sermina Vai: Owner of the Outward Inn
Vershia: Most experienced council member. Retired military commander. Writes the weekly paper.
Gibbs: Problem starter. Suspected of writing the letters in blood.

Father Charlatan:
The Lopper:
Mosswater Marauder:
The Piper of Illmarsh: Real name is unknown. Would paralyze victims with lich dust before letting the stirges drink their blood. He would taunt the victims with a dirge on his flute.
The Splatter Man:


Voldric's Scroll of Names

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